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Understanding the Team Feature in Deskfirst

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Understand what is a Team in Deskfirst

The Team feature was created to allow organizations and companies of any size to purchase and assign Pro licenses to their team members from a single subscription and a centralized dashboard.

From the My Team menu, you can purchase licenses for your team members and assign them a Pro license according to your purchased tier. Having a Pro license gives this member all the benefits of the tier you purchased for them.

Clarification for Tiers offered on AppSumo: In the tiers offered by, team members are not assigned with a Pro license. However, they can be invited to web desktops with elevated permissions, such as Editor or Manager roles. An Admin team member has the ability to add or remove other team members. You have the flexibility to create web desktops and invite your team members as Editors or Managers on your own web desktops.

What’s the difference between adding a member to a Team and sharing a web desktop?

Adding a member to your Team and sharing a web desktop are two, completely different actions.

The Team feature exists to easily assign and revoke Pro licenses to team members. This means that by adding someone to your Team – doesn’t matter which Team Role they are given – they will be assigned with a Pro license, but no access to any of your web desktops will be granted to them, unless you explicitly invite them to such web desktops.

What additional benefits come with Team Management?

By creating a Team, in addition to enjoying the benefits of a centralized dashboard that allows you to easily assign and revoke Pro licenses, you get the option to assign the Admin Role (learn more about Team Roles), so that trusted key members of your Team can assign Pro licenses to other team members on your behalf – allowing them to assign and revoke Pro licenses to team members as well but without having access to your billing area.

This way, only you have the power to decide how many licenses to purchase, all while being able to delegate the task of assigning the licenses to other key members of your team; such as department leaders and other decision-makers.

Deskfirst Teams in action

To illustrate the power of a Deskfirst Team, let’s take our imaginative creative agency – Minty – which has 50 team members.

Each of these team members interacts with different clients, but they all use the same platform to collaborate with their clients. You guessed it, they’re using Deskfirst.

Introducing Johnny, Minty’s proud founder.

Johnny has to purchase 20 Pro licenses, one for himself, and the reset for his team members.

To make work a breeze, Johnny created a Deskfirst Team.

He assigned Ashley and Dan – his trusted managers – the Admin Role so that they can assign licenses to their team members themselves.

They invited the rest – 17 team members – to that Team, assigning each of them a Pro license.

Now, every time a team member joins or leaves, they easily assign and revoke licenses.

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