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Opting Out from a Team

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  1. To opt out of a Team you need to be an Admin or Member. The Team Owner can’t opt out of his Team.

How opting out from a Team affects the Team Owner

When members opt out of a Team their Pro licenses will be revoked and it will be possible to assign them to other people in the Team – new team members or collaborators.

When Pro licenses are revoked, that doesn’t automatically reduce the quantity of Pro licenses the Team Owner is paying for. To do that, the Team Owner needs to reduce the Pro licenses quantity as explained in this article.

How opting out from a Team affects members

When members opt out from a Team their Pro licenses will be revoked, and all web desktops created in their accounts will be deleted within 30 days of revoking the licenses, in a way that cannot be recovered, even to the Deskfirst Team.

The only web desktops that will not be deleted after 30 days are free, default web desktops. A user will have a free, default web desktop only if they had a Deskfirst account with the Starter Plan and they were upgraded to the Pro Plan by being added to a Team.

A free, default web desktop will not be deleted on condition that while having a Pro license, its storage capacity wasn’t reallocated. If it was reallocated, it'll be deleted as well.

Because web desktops may be deleted, if there are files that are important to you – whether a member of your Team opted out or you plan to opt out from a Team – download a full backup of the web desktops that are pending deletion so that nothing important gets lost.

Please make sure that you understand the full implications of losing a Pro license and being downgraded to the Starter Plan before you opt out from a Team ( learn more about What Happens When Pro Is Canceled?).

By opting out of a Team, users won’t have access to that Team until the Team Owner or an Admin invites them again.

Opt out of a Team

  1. Click on the profile icon on the top menu.
  2. Click on My Team.
  3. In the bottom right corner, click on Opt Out from a Team.
  4. Enter in the field the text opt out.
  5. To approve the final opt-out from your Team, click Opt Out.
  6. A popup will appear confirming that you’ve opted out successfully from the Team. Click OK.

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